5 Famous Plagiarists in History

Plagiarism in History: Copied Speech and Text Content

The history is full of many plagiarists who remained in news and the topic of discussion in old times. These days, we have many sources and mediums to get in touch with the latest news. However, it was not same in the prior decades. There were rare sources that used to spread news like the fire of jungle. Many plagiarists had become the center of attraction because of being involved in this activity. The copied speech and text content are being stolen by many people since many years. The copied content and being engaged in the activity of replicating work are enough to destroy your image. But this time you can easily check duplicate content to avoid any problems.

Plagiarism in history have many new stories and the people involved in it. The incompetent, cheaters and lazy people are mostly involved in the activities related to plagiarism. the people with such lack of talent and skills never get even 1% of respect from others. If you read the books and some history-based articles, you will get to know about the few names involved in the activities of plagiarism. the names of some famous plagiarists in history are being shared here.

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Famous Plagiarists Who Made National News

T.S. Eliot

T.S. EliotThere are many poets who don’t feel any reluctance in copying the content from the written work of other poets. He was the Nobel Prize winner who wrote plays like Murder and poems like ‘The Hallow Man’. their involvement in the activity of plagiarism had been caught when he tried to replicate few parts of the poems written by less-known authors while preparing poem ‘The Waste Land’. This was the plagiarism that made national news.

Helen Keller

Helen KellerThe famous writer of poems, stories, and autobiographies ho doest he any introduction is known to be as Helen Keller. She has written various plays and stories to the date. She had also been caught for engaging in act of plagiarism. she wrote a famous story named Frost King. When the story had been published, it was revealed that the major plot of the tale has been copied from the story written by Margaret Canby. The name of the story was Frost Fairies. Helen Keller is a quite famous name and many people don’t actually want to believe in the act of plagiarism done by her.

Johnny Cash

Johnny CashThe renowned music writer who has written a lot of masterpieces to the date is Johnny Cash. Cash was a famous American songwriter, guitarist, actor, author, and singer. He is widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. He was also involved in copying the content of music written by some other author. He had to pay cash of 75,000 USD to settle down this issue. Nowadays, we know that such unpleasant situations happen with musicians and authors most frequently.

Jane Goodall

Jane GoodallWho is not a familiar of the Jane Goodall? The renowned name in the world of science is still famous among many people of this generation. Their book named “Seeds of Hope” has got major attention when the content of the book was replicated for not any less-known source but Wikipedia and websites of astrology. This was really a shameful act by the Jane. To get out of this issue, Jane decided to apologize for what has been done. However, he then gets permission to publish rephrased book in the next year.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.In the movement of civil rights of the 50s and 60s, the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr would remain in the minds. When he was about to complete his doctorate from Boston University, the dissertation submitted by Martin had some copied content. This was really a shameful act done by the Nobel prize winner of that time. However, the paper conducted by him hadn’t been canceled because of having useful data included in the study. However, their degree had been canceled straight away.

How to Check if My Paper Is Plagiarized?

There are many tools available i.e. article responding and rewarding tools that would help you to create unique content of the paper. However, the quality of work doesn’t remain up to the mark. Here are some major tips best to check if your or my paper is plagiarized. Have a look at these useful tips for it.

  • First of all, the best way to check plagiarism of content is to choose the best tool. Make sure that the tool for which you’re going to pay must be checked in its free trail. This can help you to make the right decision either to go for it or not. So, always check for copy paste.
  • The second important tip to detect plagiarism is to learn the right ways of paraphrasing while writing the content. This would be quite helpful and can save you from using duplication detection tools anymore.
  • Use the right ways of adding citations. Make sure that you can only add cited text in the academic text content. Never try to go for citing the text content for simple blogs or website posts.
  • Never go for any less-trusted or free plagiarism checking tool if your assignment has been written by someone other than you. Many of us ask for help from friends or others in case of not giving adequate time to the preparation of assignments. Therefore, it is always suggested to check the text content (written by anyone) through the trusted tool. Otherwise, h/she won’t take responsibility of having any copied material in the content. The only you will be charged for it. So, think it sensibly and make right decisions at right time.
  • There are many students who can’t afford to buy premium packages of plagiarism checkers. They should simply write content in own words by reading the material from the source and understanding it properly.

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