Why Copy Checker Should Become Your Handy Companion

What Is a Copy Checker and How It Might Come in Handy

A copy checker is a tool used for checking an essay for uniqueness. It is important to be original when you are writing an essay. Using other people’s ideas or words and trying to claim them to be your own is referred to as plagiarism. While a number of people may do this deliberately in an effort to have their research paper look better than it is, others may copy the work of others by accident, just because they have read it recently.

Copy and paste checker comes in handy; if you want to run your content to make sure it is unique. This is necessary because copied content results in a lower page rank. There is a considerably higher risk of being blacklisted by Google and other search engines if you post web content or an article not completely exceptional and original. Consequently, if your intention is to have Search Engine Results Placement (SERP) or a higher page rank, it is not worth the risk of publishing highly copied content.

While copy and paste checker may be used for checking spun or rewritten or spun content to do away with consistencies and increase the exclusive value of each article, the benefits of copy paste checker software are not limited to SEO techniques. In fact, white hat SEO professionals depend on originality check free to make sure their freelance writers are submitting 100% original content. You can conduct originality test with these online tools from your own website to make sure your content is not copied by anybody.

Copy and paste checker software checks sentences line by line, word for word and one by one on a variety of search engines comparing it with already indexed content.

Some Statistics on How Much People Copy Information/Content Online

  • 80% of college students admit to copying information online at least according to a study carried out by the Center for Integrity.
  • 36% of undergraduates plagiarized written materials on the Internet, according to a survey and the Psychological Record.
  • 90% of students who copied are either not disciplined appropriately or never caught at all, according to a poll carried out by US News and World Reports.
  • 54% of students agreed to copy online according to a national survey published in Education Week.

Reasons to Use a Copy Checker

  • Originality checker is a quick and efficient way to check your content for any signs of plagiarism.
  • Originality check makes sure your research paper is original
  • They are online tools used for personal and commercial content check.
  • It makes you become aware of misuse of your essay
  • Discourage people from plagiarizing
  • Enables you to know when to check originality
check of plagiarized content

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How These Checkers Work, How Accurate They Are

When we talk about accuracy, many of the available checkers are accurate and work effectively. You will get Originality Checker to quickly check your work by pasting your text in the space provided on the tool and completing the security challenge on the software.

It is most likely you will discover a number of red in your results because common phrases may activate red flags. This plagiarism detection tool will identify the main source of any copied or stolen content from the Internet if there are complete sentences that are not unique.

Originality check free will not just offer a quick check for plagiarism, but also provide you with an efficient technique for proofreading your writing.  Copy checker checks for grammar and spelling issues as well as likely copying.

All issues detected will be highlighted and recommended changes will be provided to you so that you can correct your writing and make it error and plagiarism free. On the other hand, detected stealing can then be reworded to make your research paper or essay unique or you can make the right citation to offer you credit to the original writer.

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5 Great Online Checkers to Use

Originality Checker

This is one of the great free online checkers you can ever get. Making use of this free software will help you spot all the problems in your writing before posting or submitting it. This will enable you to make necessary changes or add any citation you may need.


  • Absolutely free
  • Very accurate
  • Delivers quick results in a matter of few seconds
  • Saves you the risk of submitting plagiarized work that could harm your reputation or cause your content to be rejected


  • Not too sure how precise the results are

Dupli Checker

This is an efficient free detection online tool. It gets the work done well, even though it doesn’t have a fancy interface.


  • It is easy to use as you don’t need any previous experience to use it.
  • You will not pay a dime for subscription, whether you are one-time user or plan to make the most of the tool.
  • Offers two ways to check for copied content. You can upload a Text or Docx file from your computer or copy and paste your text in the field provided and check for copied content
  • Registered users can use 50 scans per day


  • Offers just one search per day for unregistered users
  • There is no paid version


Copyleaks is a cloud-oriented authentication tool that lets you monitor how eLearning content is used all over the Internet.


  • Multiple languages and file formats
  • Excellent for business and education
  • Assortment of tools


  • You can only use this tool when you register at the site
  • Limited free page – You can only use the first 10 pages for free


PaperRater is a versatile free plagiarism detection tool used in more than 140 countries.


  • Quick and accurate results
  • It has 3 tools in 1 including plagiarism checker, vocabulary builder, proofreader and grammar check.


  • There is no facility to save reports


This is another great multi-purpose plagiarism detection tool used by writers, teachers, students and different members of the literary industry.


  • Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • It supports more than 190 Languages
  • Plagiarism is checked by file, online or URL upload


  • Not suitable for extensive use because it has limited plagiarism checks per day

Finally, copy checker not only enables you to create meaningful learning experiences but also allows you to understand why it is important to use your own words when building on skill sets and expanding your own knowledge base. No wonder it is a win-win for everybody involved and, more importantly, you reap all of these rewards for free because nearly all of these tools are absolutely free.

Do not risk being caught of stealing other people’s work when there are tools to keep your writing clean and free of plagiarism.