Essay Similarity Checker: Being Original

Importance of Writing Original Essays

When it comes to essay writing, being original or putting everything in your own words is very important. This is a mantra emphasized continuously at all academic levels by educators. The idea of writing unique content is repeated from the first paragraph written by students in grade school to the doctorate thesis. The to the common practice of plagiarism, all stakeholders including teachers, professors and lecturers are now using essay similarity checker to do essay originality check.

Therefore, what is the importance of writing original essays?

There are a number of reasons for original ideas and thoughts in your own voice including the following:

  • Being unique or writing in your own words helps you come up with something new, reveals that you understand the material, builds helpful life skills, makes the time spent on project more valuable and helps you learn more about the subject. Nothing new is created when you copy the work of others. It is noteworthy that writing an essay needs more than looking for information. It needs understanding information and ensuring that the writing reveals that level of understanding.
  • If the largeness of your assignment is from the words of other people, nearly all the gains of the work is lost even with attribution to the original author, as there is a place and time to quote other people and use their words directly.
  • It shows a sense of originality and understanding of material.
  • It helps you form the skills you need to think meaningfully and creatively.
  • Enables you to learn how to write well which will help you communicate effectively professionally, socially and academically. You are robbing yourself of the chance to learn and exhibit your skills when you plagiarize.
  • Scholarly and academic integrity are established in original work. Hence, writing originally is a symbol of integrity as it shows the effectively communicating thoughts and due diligence of critically thinking about a particular subject.
  • To avoid the outcomes of plagiarism, bearing in mind that the consequences of copying other people’s work verbatim could be severe. Copying can make journalists lose their jobs, students expelled from school, politicians to lose their positions and songwriters to face lawsuits.
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Some Statistical Facts about Plagiarism in Essay Writing

A survey of more than 63,700 US undergraduate and 9,250 graduate students in three years (2002-2005)—carried out by Donald McCabe, Rutgers University – showed the following:

  • 36 percent of undergraduates agreed to copying or paraphrasing few sentences from Internet source without making a footnote.
  • 24 percent of graduate students reported themselves for doing the same.
  • 38 percent of the sample undergraduate students admitted that copying or paraphrasing some sentences directly from source without footnoting it, while 25 percent of graduate students self report that they did the same.
  • 14 percent of students agreed that they fabricated or falsified a bibliography and 7 percent of graduate students self report doing similar thing.
  • 7 percent reported themselves for copying materials almost verbatim from a written source not including citation, while 4 percent of graduate students self report acting same way.
  • 7 percent of undergraduate students self report spinning in work of another person and 3 percent of graduate students admitted doing like that.
  • 3 percent of undergraduate students report getting paper from term paper mill, while 2 percent of graduate students agreed doing so.

Benefits of Using Essay Originality Checker

There are many benefits of doing originality check with essay originality checker to make sure the work is 100 percent unique before submitting the paper or rendering it as a public consumption.

So, what are the reasons to check essay for originality?

  • Originality checker for students allows you to search in many databases, meaning that you can crosscheck papers over a high volume of documents.
  • Turnitin originality check serves as a very useful educational tool that you can use to confirm original ideas.
  • Similarity essay checker prevents writers and students from copying in the first instance.
  • It gives students the chance to get more from educational experience. Using plagiarism checkers helps students and other people to have successful careers in future, if they are aware of the consequences of plagiarism.
  • You can use this tool to run your paper through a plagiarism checker before you integrate or upload it into your deliverable. Essay originality checker will enable you avoid copyright infringement and allows you to uphold your professional credibility.

Tips for Writing Original Essays

  • Add charts, photographs, and other illustrations: Visual illustrations are how to add originality to your essay, provided they don’t detract the words. Illustrations like diagrams, photographs, tables, graphs, charts and so on are great ways to support your text and make the entire essay more interesting and rich, while you must be careful they don’t divert attention away from ill-formed argument in the writing.
  • Pick an obscure topic: Start your text by choosing a topic that no one else will be writing about, if you want to write content that nobody else will be writing about. This is your chance to choose a more individual topic if you are given title for your thesis, but if a topic is given to you, you may not have this option. You can pick an uncommon topic rather than writing about something general, but show that it is important and worthy of better consideration.
  • Use more advanced syntax and vocabulary: Using advanced sentence structures and good vocabulary are ways to make your text more linguistically creative. The bottom line is that you must make sure you write in your own words. This means that you must discover your own tone of voice and converse boldly in it.

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Few Pices of Advice from Famous Writers on How to Be Original in Writing

In your effort to be creative in your writing, make sure you dig deeper and create something from what you want to say that no other person has said because there is no point repeating what you have seen online many times.

  • Be self-competitive: In other to be original therefore: Focus inward and compete with yourself. This is one of the most powerful tools that will help you develop your writing skills. Self-development program can drive a lot of creativity.
  • Copy your favorite authors and substitute: Try to copy a number of passages from the work of your favorite authors and rewrite in your own way. Focus on the adjectives and select new ones. Lengthen some sections and shorten others and see how the changes look like. Then, use this to draft your own writing.
  • Rewrite slowly but draft fast: Great writing is all about elaborate rewriting. Hence, don’t over think about your initial draft— but just spit it out. Keep developing yourself until you become a master that can write confidently.
  • Gather and compare styles: A practical method of attacking the issue of developing a creative style is to study those who have one. What is it they are doing that makes their style so unique and refreshing? Collect, compare and contrast styles. Then think about your voice or the character of your voice…and make them crackle.
  • Say it in your own words: You have heard everything as already said but we have not heard it from you in your own words. You must have had this experience when learning a new thing. You read about similar thing from time to time, but remains a small abstract or vague. You are still thinking of what to do, and you get it at once.

Being creative cannot be compromised as it will help you build precious life skills, helps you learn the subject, create something new, reveals that you understand the material and makes the time spent on your assignment more valuable. As the ability to search for information is vital, it is just a small thing in what an assignment is all about. Moreover, when you are asked to produce a unique content, this is not to make the task tougher for you but to make it more helpful.

Have you written your essay but don’t know how to check it for originality? Essay similarity checker is the way to go!