Free Online Copyright Checker: Protecting Your Creations

What is Copyright and Why It’s Needed?

Copyright is a way you can protect your work legally as an author, particularly if you desire to earn a living from your creative works. Free online copypaste checker offers defense against piracy, which is particularly grave in this era of simple digital faux and distribution.

So, why is it needed?

Your work serves as your asset: Your piece of creative work or original idea is your asset and should be treated as such. Copyrights are legacy that can last for decades and can be transferred as part of an estate. For instance, artistic or musical works can last an additional 80 years after the death of the original authors or creators.

Protect your rights: You need to protect your rights so that you can have legal backings to sue the culpable party or anybody that infringes your copyright to pay damages for any financial loss you have incurred or pay you for a license.

The way forward is licensing: You can look at your licensing options to make sure you can benefit financially from your copyrighted works that have attracted the interest of others. Licensing is a legal authorization emanating from you to another party that permits such a person to use part (or all) of your copyrighted works. Moreover, it is an effective way to increase the legal protection around your idea, so that you can use it as proof against another party who fails to fulfill their part for using your work without permission.

Some Statistical Facts on Copyrighted Content

  • Copyright experts guesstimate that 85 percent of all United States works published between 1923 and 1963 are now in the public domain.
  • Exclusive rights protection in content doesn’t expand to any pre-existing material.
  • Copyright protects those sections of a work that are original, that were produced.
  • The amount of effort and time used in writing text has no bearing on the copyright status of the work.
  • An assemblage of facts is confined by copyright no more than that the selection of the material and the arrangement is original. (The gathering of the entire headstone captions for a cemetery doesn’t meet the originality prerequisite for choosing material).
  • Copyright violation is always a civil rather than a criminal matter.
  • A copyright notice is no longer needed for protection.
  • There are many copyright infringements across the Internet.
  • There are numerous wrong claims about what is copyrighted on Internet web-pages.
  • Copyright protection for work starts immediately the work is fixed in some sort of “tangible form,” including typing, writing on paper and saving it on a computer

What People Mostly Plagiarize and Why?

Those people who plagiarize mostly include authors, students, journalists, teachers, politician, professionals, and academics among others.

In general, these people plagiarize for the following reasons:

  • Lack of knowledge about proper citations: If all content and research paper writers know how and when to cite the ideas and text they took from other authors, like when writing a DNP project, plagiarism could be avoided.
  • Not understanding much about plagiarism: Despite that people hear about this act often, know it is bad, they still don’t know what makes some people commit the act of plagiarism. Plagiarism was defined as stealing of the production, work, words or ideas of other people.
  • Rushing to do things: Those who leave what they want to do till the last minutes will do what would make the task easier for them – plagiarize.
  • Confidence: People plagiarizing or copying the work of others are so confident that the original creators would never catch them. They don’t believe they can be caught in this act one day.
  • The internet: The Internet is full of information on almost everything. As a result, people find it as a good avenue for searching and copying relevant topics.

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Consequences of Stealing Copyrighted Content

Copyright laws grant exclusive rights of ownership to copyright owners, registered patents owners and owners of the trademark. The punishment for stealing copyrighted content varies even as the level of consequence will depend on the nature of the work involved, what it is used for and the character. Moreover, there are defenses to copyright contravention like the principle of fair use.

On the other hand, the potential consequences of submitting an intellectual property or research paper can be personal, professional, ethical and legal. You may be culpable of copyright infringement, if you violate or steal the intellectual property rights of someone else by using the copyright of the author without his consent.

The legal and civil punishments for copyright breach are:

  • Loss of freedom
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of property
  • The Court can issue an injunction to prevent the infringing acts
  • The illegal works can be impounded by the court
  • Monetary fines, depending on the scale of the degree of violation and monetary compensation for the resources and time spent tracking and taking legal action.
  • The offense can also attract a jail sentence if the magnitude is high.

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How Online Copyright Checker Can Help You

  • Free online copyright checker offers a complete and thorough check of all your submissions before publishing them anywhere! This will save you the risk of being held liable for what you publish if you don’t do content copyright checker to confirm its originality.
  • Making use of essay copyright checker will allow for teaching moments when you show your students how recent law can put them at risk for copyright charges. As a teacher, you must make your students understand the implication of plagiarism and copyright legalities as they pursue their academic career and the world of work.
  •  Copyright checker online will help you highlight the exact content, making you see for yourself what words or sentences words are a word for word as what the original author wrote.
  • Copy checker shows percentages of similarity to help you lower or stay at that percentage rate for your papers to be acceptable in regard to similarity.
  •  Copyright checker free is useful for checking your paraphrasing capabilities. As mentioned earlier, a paper copyright checker will highlight the material that is an exact match to the original. You will know where the issue is by the highlighted material if you have not paraphrased properly. Use the report to reword and cite the text.
  • Copyright text checker proofs that you have not copied other people’s work verbatim.

Copying the work of other authors has been made easier due to the advent of the Internet. In addition, this development has allowed free online copyright checker to be developed. With this tool, you can protect your creations. However, you need to use the web wisely to find the best checker that can help and save you from the consequences of stealing copyrighted content.

Use our the best online copyright checker to protect your creation from any types of plagiarisms.