How to Rewrite Plagiarism and Not to Be Busted

Duplicate Content Fixing and Some Stats: How to Cope with this Academic Dishonesty?

When we begin to search the software or tools to fix grammatical errors in the content, the first major mistake we make is to go for top results on search engine. The sites are shown on the first or second page of search results not all trusted. Therefore, it is better to investigate the tools properly by reading the user feedbacks. There are many plagiarism checker forums where you can get to know about experiences of people related to check the plagiarism of content. Read here to find out ways of duplicate content fixing.

  • First of all, you need to go for a reliable software or tool best for rectifying mistakes from the content. These days, more than 60 percent of university-based students rely on the plagiarism checking software available online.
  • The second ideal way is to keep your focus on the text while writing content. When you start rephrasing of content, make sure that the same order of sentences hasn’t been copied by making changes in few of the phrases. This is how you can cope with this academic dishonesty. There are still 25 to 30 percent people who prefer to rephrase content in a proper way to prevent from plagiarism.

Paraphrase to Avoid Plagiarism and Getting Original Work

Paraphrasing or rephrasing of content is all about changing the text of already written content without changing its actual meaning. And you need to know it for avoiding the consequences of plagiarism in college or for your work. There are various types of paraphrasing that can save you from getting caught for content stealing. The correct way to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism has numerous types. In this way, you can generate the original work which will be sent to the client or your teacher with no hesitation. Have a look at few major types of paraphrasing that can save you from generating the unoriginal text work.

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  • The first type of paraphrasing is quite common in new authors and unprofessional writers. This is about dividing a sentence into two parts and changing their positions. This is also said to be as passive voice sentences. Changing any active voice sentence into passive voice ones can prevent plagiarism from content and gives 100 percent unique content.
  • The direct paraphrasing of content is a preferred type based on reading the text and the write it in your words. This is what said to be as common practice among professional authors. They read content from start to the end and then memorize the major points to write everything in own words.
  • The word to word paraphrasing is hard though. It gives unique content in the end but requires a lot of time for content’s rephrasing. It is about replacing the words with their synonyms mostly done by the content spinning software. Thinking about synonyms of each word takes a lot of time and consume mind as well.

The Difference between Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

The plagiarism of content shows it’s less or no uniqueness from start to the end. This actually expresses that the written text content has been copied from any other source. However, rephrasing is the solution of coping with plagiarism. It is the way of rewriting content by making the text unique. In the end, the perfectly rephrased text is said to be as free from plagiarism.

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Paraphrasing Examples with Wrongful Appropriation

  • The paraphrasing methods being taught in numerous renowned universities of the world is based on direct process. The students are trained to write the content by themselves without using any other plagiarism checker that makes content is not engaging to read.
  • One of the bad examples regarding plagiarism is related to wrongful appropriation of content. For instance, the rephrased content that affects the quality of text and makes it uninteresting to read would be unique. However, there is not any benefit of such uniqueness of content. Many universities in Asian and African countries still don’t develop any policies to get plagiarism free assignments from students with no compromise on the quality of work. The least developed nations don’t have enough resources to make their people aware of the significance of rephrasing in an appropriate manner and to make content 100 unique for better learning. This definitely improves writing skills of the individuals.
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Plagiarism Advice for Students: Major Tips to Fix Writing and Avoiding Plagiarism

Any helpful plagiarism advice for students can work a lot to increase awareness about this unlawful act. Here are some tips with every feasible plagiarism advice for students.

  • Never think that replacing three to four phrases with their synonyms would be helpful to get plagiarism-free work. Go for the authentic ways to reword the content.
  • Try to avoid following the exact order of the words in which each sentence has been written. The best way is to understand the meaning of each sentence and come up with your own writing based on quirky style.
  • If you’re sure about generating text free from plagiarism, then try to check it by using any credible tool either freeware or paid. This can help you to figure out any copied text to make proper rectification.
  • If there is any quote or saying shared in the text that can’t be rephrased, then use inverted commas in the start and end of them. This is the best idea to overcome plagiarism. Such kind of tips are quite helpful in all ways to say goodbye to plagiarism. Once you rely on all of these suggestions, you will definitely end up in preparing best to read text content free from plagiarism. So, start trying to follow these tips.

The quirky ways along with foremost advice are going to give you solution for how to rewrite plagiarism. This article has all the commendable ways to avoid plagiarism.