The Many Benefits of Doing an Originality Check

The Situation with Plagiarism Nowadays and How It’s Been Increasing over the Last Years

It is quite unfortunate at the rate plagiarism is increasing over the last years because people don’t do originality check. Stealing of content on the Internet is the problem innocent writers are facing over the last years. Plagiarism has been increasing at alarming rate because students and writers are either too lazy to put their best to write unique content or just want to damn the consequences of stealing other people’s work.

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Unfortunately, many people linked the alarming rate of plagiarism to the advent of the Internet where you can get information about any topic, making it easy for these lazy people to copy. Copying was very difficult in some years back or before Internet was introduced. During that time, you have to go to the library if you needed information or asked an expert and this will take some time.

Nowadays, access to information is instant on account of the Internet. In fact, you can find every piece of information you need in a few seconds by typing a search query into Google, making plagiarism easy. So it is becoming necessary to use free online copyright checker for all your papers.

What Are the Reasons for This Increase?

There are many reasons associated with increase in copying other people’s writing, including the following:

  • People are just lazy: It takes time and effort to write original and breathtaking literature, making it difficult for lazy people. Quite a lot of people found guilty of this act of copying can simply say that it is laziness that make them plagiarized.
  • Popularity: People want to gain popularity and fame from writing unique content, but it is difficult to write fantastic research paper. For example, students steal content because they want to earn higher grade while others do so to be famous.
  • Time: Some people are involved in this act because they don’t have all the time to sit down and think of something new. They are chronic procrastinators of the highest order. After wasting time in doing unnecessary things, they will now look for crook means to meet deadline.

Failure: Some people are fond of copying because they are afraid of failure. This category of people is afraid of being judged by their writing and therefore plagiarized.

What is Originality Check and Who Mostly Uses It

Originality check is the process of running your essay through a similarity checker to confirm that your content is unique. The Originality Report gives a synopsis of similar or matching areas of text discovered in when you check the originality of content submitted.  However, Papers submitted for Turnitin check may be compared against many Internet documents, publications, archived Internet data and much more.

Editors who want a further check for originality are those who use this tool most. It helps these editors compare the text of the paper submitted for similarity and make necessary plagiarism correction for editorial originality.

Benefits of Doing Originality Check

  • Pride: When you do originality check, you will be proud that your work is original and have nothing to fear about. This will give you the chance to develop yourself more as far as content writing is concerned.
  • Knowledge of the subject matter: The best way to learn and develop your subject knowledge is to write original essay. After writing and do paper originality check and found that your research paper is unique, you will be encouraged. In addition, you will be the master of the subject.
  • Feel confident: When you check originality of paper and found that it is plagiarism free, you will be confident to submit or post the content. In fact, this will make you free from being charged for stealing other people’s work.

benefits of having original work

Importance of Originality

  • Ability to produce and contribute new meaning: You will create nothing and contribute nothing to a larger discussion when you copy the word of another person. Your own word is the part that adds value to any conversation, even as it is vital to quote and reference other people’s work. You will be able to create and contribute new idea when you write in your own words. Therefore, learn to write in your own words to acquire the skills you need to think meaningfully and creatively.
  • You will learn how to write well: When you create unique content, you will be able to write well and communicate effectively. Written communication is an important component, regardless of career or academic endeavors. You cannot learn how to string words together and express thoughts, opinions and feelings, by just copying and pasting, whether the writing task is a professional manuscript, an email or a class assignment.
  • You will be able to show understanding of material: Writing a research paper or essay needs more that mere looking for information. It involves understanding information and ensuring that the writing shows that degree of understanding. Your writing will reflect due diligence and understanding involved, when you take time to research a particular topic and take your time to think through the material and then create content in original words.
  • You will be able to demonstrate integrity: Writing unique content is a symbol of integrity because it shows due diligence of communicating thoughts and logically thinking about a topic. when you write uniquely, you are not just demonstrating understanding and intelligence, but also integrity.

‘Writing in your own words saves you a lot of embarrassment and consequences of plagiarism. When I encountered plagiarism, I had to inform the parents of a student that they were getting a zero on an assignment because they didn’t turn in their own work. Those conversations were not fun for me, the parent, or the student.” – Shelley Mitchell

Final Conclusions on Whether You Should Use Online Checkers

Considering the fact that stealing the work of other people can destroy your career and entire life, it is important to use online checkers to check originality of papers. Originality checker is considered as an important tool for professional writers, journalists, scholars, teachers and students. It helps to avoid plagiarism and takes just a few minutes to check your paper.

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