Originality Checker Free for Teachers

Why Would You Need to Use a Teacher Plagiarism Checker?

originality checker freePlagiarism is copying someone else’s ideas or word and claiming them as your own. Something that is all so easy to do with most students able to cut and paste from almost anywhere online. From a few lines from Wikipedia to a whole essay downloaded from a site full of example papers there are many opportunities for a student to cheat on their work.

Plagiarism is considered by most as serious academic misconduct and most schools and universities will punish students accordingly. Using an originality copyright checker free online is a quick and easy way to see if those essays are unique. Allowing you to quickly see if the student has done the work themselves or if they have spent their time playing games after they have copied and pasted an essay together for you.

How Do Teachers Detect Plagiarism?

text originality checkerKnowing how do teachers check for plagiarism is important if you want to be able to quickly spot work that may have been copied. While our originality checker for students is easy and quick to use you may not want to check everything that is provided to you, especially if they are not all provided electronically. As an educator, you will want to look for the signs within their writing that indicate that they have copied rather than simply using online tools automatically on every paper.

This teacher plagiarism detection guidance will help you to quickly spot any likely copying in the papers that are submitted to you without having to check originality online for everyone:

  • Changes in the way the student writes: you will often get used to the way a particular student writes so if there are sudden unexpected changes then this may indicate that they have copied.
  • Mixed fonts: often you will find that if a student copies from multiple sources online that the fonts will change depending on where they have copied from.
  • Changes in tense or person: if they copy the different sources may be written from a different perspective and that may be reflected in what you see in their paper.
  • Out of date information: often students will fail to check just how relevant and up to date the information that they copy and may well end up discussing the wrong world leader or even have dates that are long passed in their writing.
  • Hyperlinks: not every student will spot that they have copied something and left the links that are there within the text.
  • Not answering the essay prompt: often a student will grab the closest essay that they can find. This may not however fully match the prompt that you provided for them.
  • Missed references: this can be simply poor work by the student or it could be a sign that they copied information and failed to follow up by including the citations in their own references. Either way, it is something that should be followed up.
  • Mixed citations styles: copying from multiple sources can cause a whole mix of different styles of writing to be evident in the student’s paper.
  • Quotations without citations: this could be a sign of copying or simply a failure on the part of the student to cite their sources. Either way, it is still considered plagiarism.
  • Using a text originality checker or directly using a search engine and getting a hit: pasting a suspicious sentence into Google or Bing will quickly tell you if the sentence has been lifted from elsewhere. While a free originality checker can check the whole paper for you.

The above is how teachers check plagiarism within the papers, essays and other work that is provided to them by their students. For many teachers, the copied text will stand out like a sore thumb even without the use of a copyright checker. However, you still need to locate where that information was copied from and that is where an originality report checker comes in. Tools such as ours will tell you precisely where that information is copied from.

Why Use Our Originality Checker Free?

check originality onlineThere are many different ways that you can check the originality of a piece of writing which can be as time intensive as pasting the essay sentence by sentence into a search engine through to using expensive software. If however you don’t want to fork out for a subscription to a service to check for plagiarism and your employer does not provide one then our originality checker free is the answer you are looking for.

We offer a totally free tool that is very simple for you to use on any assignment or paper that you need to check. Just copy and paste the writing into our tool and within a few seconds, it will generate a full report regarding the originality of the writing. There is never any need to register or download any software and our checker provides you with totally accurate reports that will clearly show you if anything has been copied from the paper.

Ensure that you know if your students are submitting unique writing with the help or our originality checker free to highlight any copying!