Similarity Checker: Sticking to Original Writing

How Important It Is to Make Sure Your Writing is Original

The Internet is saturated with links, blogs, and articles from the most recent expert on any given topic. It can be uncontrollably irresistible for the consumer of content and the content marketer to really decode a useful material. If you want to avoid the plagiarism consequences, it is imperative that you invest in original content. To make sure your essay is not copied, you need to run it through an originality checker.

Here are the gains of making sure your writing is original.

Traffic: Making your research paper or content unique will drive traffic to your website or blog. Write an engaging content that people need, instead of trying every trick to steal the work of others. The more appealing the content you write, the more traffic you will drive to your website. Your audience will begin to know both your website and brand as valuable, once they know you are a producer of great content.

Integrity: You understand your product and business better than anyone else, making you an expert in your field. Writing unique content explains how authoritative you are in your field. Potential clients, current customers and partners will have more confidence and trust in you and your service when they find out that you know your stuff.

Increase your rankings in search engines: Unique and valuable content are ways to find your way to the top of search rank. Give the pesky search spiders something to find, if you want them to crawl all over your page. Writing sensible and smart content all the time is a way to remind the spider of your online presence. By making use of helpful and related copy as well as updating your content, your rankings will increase by default.

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What Is a Similarity Checker, How It Can Help

A similarity checker is a tool used to check the originality of an essay, research paper, content or assignment. Paper similarity checker helps you compare the text of submitted for similarity. On the other hand, similarity check is a service for editors that need further check.

Similarity Check is a service for editors who want an extra check. Personal statement checker helps publisher members to enthusiastically engage in efforts to put a stop to professional and scholarly plagiarism by giving editorial teams access to text similarity checker.

Pros and Cons of Such Tools


  • Improved writing – These tools enhance better writing skills.  Similarity checker not only check for copied content, but also problems with writing style
  • Accidental plagiarism – It is a handy tool for people who want to grab hold of inadvertent or accidental plagiarism before publishing content or submitting a final research paper.


  • False security –Similarity checkers can give a false sense of security.  Quite a lot of plagiarism and academic deceit are not noticed by the tool.
  • Stories and metaphors – Illustration, metaphor or story will probably not get detected as plagiarism.

5 Best Online Similarity Checkers

Paperrater: This is a free online similarity checker to check for duplicated content or plagiarism. It has plagiarism detection tool, writing suggestion and grammar checking tool. It is a useful tool for detecting copied content in academic and student documents; such as school projects and other essays.

SmallSEOTools: This is one of the excellent paper similarity checkers loaded with highly lavish features. SmallSEOTools can also be used for some other important things different from plagiarism detection. For instance, it serves as a rewriter, Backlink Checker, Keyword Position, Spell Checker and lots more. It would check your text is a twinkle of an eye and you will see unoriginal in red.

Plagium: This particular online similarity checker is jam-packed with quite a lot of features for checking plagiarism for free. One of the most important features of this tool is that, it can effectively check for content published in any social media site.

CheckForplagiarism: Checkforplagiarism was developed with the joint efforts of academicians, computer scientists and professionals for writing originality test. This tool is also useful for publishers, writers, professionals, teachers and students among others. It is one of the most popular products for detecting plagiarism with user-friendliness and accuracy.

Whitesmoke: This is another wonderful online language and grammar checker tool.  Whitesmoke also has a robust plagiarism checker feature. This copied content detection software sniffs away any duplicate content that could harm your online reputation or site ranking.

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Tips for Being Original in Writing

Here are some tips for being original including expert advice.

  • Be composed and be passionate about the topic you want to write about. Moreover, align the content with your purpose of writing – Neal Schaffer
  • Focus on what will be helpful to your audience or reader. Don’t think that you can write for everyone – Sarah Arrow.
  • Writing clear, concise and compelling content that requires attention will create and compel action – Demian Farnworth
  • Choose appealing headlines for your essay and use social media to see the questions that your audience are asking – Brian Honigman.
  • Inject your own personality in your writing and stop spending hours thinking about how to write like somebody else. Develop your own style and voice, even though it may not be perfect initially – Thomas Ewer.

Maintaining unique writing is the best way to shun copied content. Are you worried that your research paper or content can be in the risk of copying? Fear not as similarity checker shall get rid of such your worry. These tools are very useful and professional software. They come with amazing features to help you to easily check for copied content and find the correct citations and original sources.

Do you want to know how unique is your content? Similarity checkers are the key!