How Unique Content Checker Can Help You Gain More Readers

Situation with Plagiarized Online Content Nowadays

The Internet has made plagiarized online content to be rampant nowadays because it is easy for people to get whatever information they need about any idea. These ideas are the original works done by some people at one time or another. These people think, write and post their thoughts to blogs, forums, websites and social networking sites. However, the unique text checker will protect your content and help you gain more readers.

These thoughts and materials become your property immediately they are posted online, meaning that you automatically get the copyright to the work – whether it is your web page, e-book or a blog.

But there are people on the Internet nowadays whose intention is to get hold of your essay and publish same as their unique work. This act is called plagiarism. Nevertheless, nobody can plagiarize your content with the availability of unique text checker. Paper plagiarism checker will not only protect your research paper but also help you gain more readers.

If any person utilizes your work for his personal interest or benefits – no matter how small it is – irrespective of whether or not he gives you the ascription, this is copyright contravention, except that person, has got a written consent from you.

What Types of Content Are Plagiarized the Most?

  • E-book: This is long content packaged in a diverse format, normally as a PDF. E-books are frequently downloadable products; you can for free in exchange for joining a mailing list.
  • How-to: This is one of the most popular types of content with breathtaking long tail search potential owing to its long tail query introduction.
  • Long form content: This is an article of nearly 3,000 words that will become a resource and continues to be shared.

What Are Content Checkers and How They Can Help?

Content duplicacy check tools are widely used to check plagiarized writing. You can use aarticle originality checker to detect Plagiarism writing by uploading files or just copy and paste the content. Using research paper check tool is necessary for protecting your content because the duplicate text is not tolerable by Google. Plagiarized materials can hurt your website and lower your ranking in search engines. Text copyright checker confirms if your essay is a duplicated content or not.

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5 Best Online Content Checkers

Running a plagiarism check with website unique content checker should be part of your normal process of checks and balances.

To weed out any duplicate content, these 5 best content unique checkers can help you.

Copyscape: This is a well-known paper plagiarism checker you can use to check the originality of your research paper. To get started, you need to register or sign up for an account at. This unique content checker is accurate and easy to use. Whether you are performing plagiarism check or not, you will need to buy credit in advance to access this service.

Content Plagiarism Checker: If you work with large content arrays or text, this top plagiarized writing service is for you. It offers you a free trial option right on the home page. You will get the results after a few-click registration. This essay similarity checker is suitable for professional content writers and bloggers who subcontract their content writing.

Article Checker: This is an extremely easy to use free online checker. Just copy and paste your writing in the text box on the website or the URL of the text and click on Compare. You can run your search two times for additional protection.

Nonetheless, you have no way to control the level of sensitivity of the search you are conducting, even as this tool is very simple to use. Hence, it can miss the results that other software will catch.

Duplichecker: This is another excellent free online tool you can use to check for duplicate writing. It lets you check your text by simple copy and paste. You can do three searches daily with this software if you are not a registered user. On the other hand, you can perform limitless searches as a registered user. Duplichecker checks each piece of writing line by line and word for word to ascertain there is no duplicated content.

Plagiarisma: With Plagiarisma, you will get the results of your search from Yahoo and Google. This will let you find out whether your text was copied verbatim or just contains related phrases to the research paper you are checking.

If you are a registered user of this service, you can use the tool up to five times in a day. If you have many papers to check on a regular basis, this may not be sufficient. Consequently, you need a premium membership to access all the features of this service.

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Some Expert Thoughts on Unique Content Checker

  1. Unique content checker helps you discover plagiarism in your text, research paper, essay and other assignments. You can easily check the authenticity of your document in a few seconds, with higher speed and accuracy.
  2. Pay attention to plagiarism without charge from the Internet. Exceptional plagiarism checkers provides you with tremendous time reporting copy leaks.
  3. Turnitin regularly used by universities is open to easy cheats, letting students escape detection when submitting copied material. This tool works by extracting text from assignment or essay and checking whether it matches content from other sources, including documents on the Internet.  James Heather, senior lecturer in computing at the University of Surrey.
  4. It is a fact that this software is great for people in the writing field to know whether their essay is the duplicate content of another person. Greater help was given to search engines to make the results generated helpful and relevant for online visitors.
  5. The technology and methods in use to catch copyright is getting better from time to time. Unfortunately, there is a group of people working on improving their hacking skills as well.

Unique content checker has made life difficult for plagiarists in the past few years. Improvement in technology has now given the power to search engines to assess data from all servers and grab plagiarism acts. In the recent years, the strictest steps were taken by Google, which has prompted many online business people to change their techniques.

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